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More than anything, refugees want to work for a living. So why are they getting so little help?

“I’m not here to be some freeloader. I want to contribute to this country and work for the money I get.”

New comers in the Netherlands face various obstacles when would like to enter the Dutch labour market from lacking the needed social network, through the lengthy asylum process to the nonrecognition of diplomas.

The government has stepped in to address some issues through investing in integration of refugees but finding a job is still a slow process for many.

However, regardless of the issues new comers face, nearly two-thirds of those who was asked in the article, said that they expect to have a job within two years. Roughly 85% thinks they’re sure to find work eventually. And over half of them want to start their own business!

So much energy and positivity lays in the heart of refugees that can help the country to grow and prosper but to reach there we need to lend a helping hand to them, to help them to start somewhere.

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