March 27, 2020

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May 21, 2020

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‘Hello Neighbor’ Builds Cultural Bridges for Refugees in Pittsburgh

August 24, 2017

 Title: ‘Hello Neighbor’ Builds Cultural Bridges for Refugees in Pittsburgh


Type: Youtube Video; Project


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


Name of Responsible Persons: Kane Farabaugh


Source: VOA News


Date: August 5, 2017



The ‘Hello Neighbor’ Builds Central Bridges for Refugees in Pittsburgh video focuses on the non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh titled, “Hello Neighbor” which helps refugees integrate into American society by educating them about American culture, people, and lifestyles. The founder of the organization, Sloane Davidson , created the organization in the attempt to connect refugees to other American families that wanted to help them. Thus, the idea is that refugee families are “paired” with their American “mentors”, and eventually these families often become good friends with one another and impact each other’s lives.




Furthermore, Davidson’s success with Hello Neighbor has sparked interest in other cities thinking of implementing similar integration programs between newcomers (refugees) and American citizens. Such socio-cultural programs are crucial to creating a harmonious, open, and multicultural society.