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Food and Folktales was a practical form of socio-culturalintegration where refugees (newcomers) met local Dutch people, expats and others living in the Dutch Society.

It was the first episode of our Integration through Folklore Series; here we explored the variations and unifying similarities in dishes, pastries, and drinks from around the continents of the world.

It highlighted how interconnected we are despite the countries we may be from; attendees represented over 22 countries. This was a practical form of integration as people in the Dutch Society met we want to encourage people (locals and expats alike) to get to know newcomers among us and integrate with each other.

Attendees brought along different interesting things from their countries of origin or nationality. After tasting the food, we proceeded to share favorite folktales from our different countries; folktales are stories passed down through generations, mainly by telling, including myths and legends.

The evening was characterized by lots of fun with all attendees; it ended with a fun game which we played in groups; two people (a Syrian Newcomer and a Dutch lady) won the game, and went away with a lovely gift from Africa. Our facebook page and youtube channel have more details.

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