"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." 

- Coretta Scott King


We are a humanitarian foundation existing for the purpose of contributing to  complete and sustainable communities, through developmental and integration projects. We work with all members of the community including locals, refugees and asylum seekers to achieve this purpose.

Our projects are actualized through integration activities, raising awareness about related topics, educational support, research and empowerment projects.


Our vision is to become the international body that pioneers sustainable local integration and development in communities around the world. Increasing the awareness of its importance, creating projects, and leading research in this field.


We also hope to be among the top organizations providing other forms of humanitarian and development assistance especially in Africa. Our efforts will be aimed at building a closer and more integrated community where everyone feels at home.


Presently we are active in two Continents - Europe and Africa.

In Europe we continue to work in the area of community integration with asylum seekers and refugees, fostering a healthier community.

In Africa we reach out to less privileged people of all ages within several communities. They include those in dire need of education, skills acquisition and health relief.  In addition, we conduct development programs through training and empowerment of local volunteers to benefit such communities as a whole.

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